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  • Prince Felix Akande advised Ogbomoso Indigines to cater for the neatness of Ogbomoso City environment.
  • All the entire Leaders, VIPs, Philanthropists, Young Eminence, etc. both home and abroad are expected to connect us through our contact form, email address, Phone Numbers, WhatsApp, any other contact published in this Website. We need your best support to be getting first hand news from you, so that this platform can stand out among others globally. This is an opportunity to cancel rumours once in Ogbomosoland. It is the Nigeria Newspapers suppose to rely on this platform for the latest new in the land, not our Standard World Class Website continue to copy their news
  • Any suggestions that will improve the quality of this platform and Hail Ogbomosoland success generally cannot be take for granted. Just contact our website using the contact form provided.  God bless you.
  • We need Sponsors for this Website, your contributions to support this website to remain active for live will be highly welcomed & your name will be broadcasting across the Media for the entire World to know your impacts, towards the success of not only this Website, but Ogbomosoland generally. We used to run live programme every Saturday morning(Ara Oto) at PARROT FM 101.1, Akala Radio Station in Ogbomoso, aside our Jingles advertising across the Nigeria Media daily.
  • Our Facebook Page, Group and Instagram Business Page are live. They are the only Platforms to access emergency opportunities in the land and also view business opportunities live and direct. Search Ogbomosoconnection in Facebook to join/follow/like our Facebook Page and Group, also search the same name in Instagram to join our Instagram Business Page. We used “Alagba”(in Soun of Ogbomoso Palace) as images in all the entire 3 social networks’ accounts. All the entire businesses opportunities in the land will be publishing live daily in these 2 biggest networks.
  • Ogbomoso Parapo Home Chairman has commended the efforts of Ogbomoso Website Global Team. He promised to support this Website towards global glory.

    The Oldest Tortoise in the World, a.k.a Alagba dead! She died around 11:30am today 3rd of October, 2019. This is tangible news for Ogbomosoland entirely, simply because, this Oldest Tortoise, that represents our most popular TOURIST in Ogbomoso, usually receive millions of Visitors yearly, from all human races across the Countries. This oldest creature in Ogbomoso, Oyo State Nigeria, has been sick for few days back and finally gave up the ghost today. Confirmed live by Mr. Toyin Ajamu, the Secretary, Soun of Ogbomoso Palace and Ogbomosoconnection.



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