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      The Oldest Tortoise in the World, a.k.a Alagba dead! She died around 11:30am on 3rd of October, 2019. This is tangible news for Ogbomosoland entirely. Simply because, this Oldest Tortoise, that represents our most popular TOURIST in Ogbomoso, usually receive millions of Visitors yearly, from all human races across the Countries. This oldest Animal in the entire Africa Continent experienced sickness for few days and finally gave up the ghost in Ogbomoso most popular Palace. Confirmed live by Mr. Toyin Ajamu, the Secretary, Soun of Ogbomoso Palace and Ogbomosoconnection.

    • Minister of Youth and Sports Development Launches New ‘DEEL’ for Nigerian Youth!

      Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Mr. Sunday Dare recently in Abuja launched  a program tagged as “DEEL” for the Nigerian Youth. This came to live at the celebration of African Youth Day 2019 where the initiative to position Nigeria’s youth population for contemporary challenges was unveiled.


      The Minister told the crowd of Youth live at the event that DEEL will equip about 500,000 Youth with digital skills- basic, intermediate and advance skills in the areas of web design and management, software training, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, App development, mobile device repairs, Artificial intelligence, coding and Data processing.


      According to him, “President Muhammadu Buhari’s new DEEL for Nigerian youth connects with the African Union’s theme. What is this new DEEL? D stands for Digital literacy and Skills Acquisition program. E stands for Entrepreneurship. E stands for Employment. L stands for leadership and mentoring.


      Whether your interest is Digital Skills, Entrepreneurship, Employment or you are passionate about Leadership, governance and inclusion, there is something big for everyone in the new DEEL Programme. The digital revolution offers an unparalleled opportunity to drive a new wave of international economic growth for countries that have hitherto not fully enjoyed the benefits of the global economy.” He explained.


      The Ministry of Youth and Sports Development is working with government institutions, private initiatives like Junior Achievement Nigeria (JAN) and business organizations to provide training and employment opportunities to youth. United Nations (UN) Compact will collaborate with the ministry on YSIP – Young SDG Innovators Program beginning from March next year.

      The Minister disclosed that “We at the Ministry will begin this process through one of our strategic implementation partners Junior Achievement Nigeria as soon as an agreement is delivered to leverage on their 64 digital hubs spread across the country. The Ministry will also activate its Youth Development Centers across the country for Entrepreneurship Skills training.
      “Today, we begin the new DEEL process through the Work Experience Programme (WEP). It is intended to connect in the next one year 5,000 unemployed graduates with employers by placing them in the corporate world on internship capacities for a short period. We hope that through this window, they will acquire the basic work-place experience that will increase their chances of landing a job. I therefore call on all companies to sign up with us and offer the chance for our youth to smile,” Mr. Dare urged.

      He promised that his ministry will address the challenge of maintaining the relationship and sustain the partnership that are driving the initiative by sustaining an ecosystem of State and non-state actors in each thematic area of the National Youth Policy, which will evolve into the National Youth Policy Implementation Network.

      DEEL was unveiled to a positive reception at the African Youth Day with Mrs Maryam Uwais, Special Adviser to the President on Social Investments, affirming her office’s commitment to collaborate with the initiative. Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed; Minister of Women Affairs, Dame Pauline Tallen; Minister State for Budget and National Planning, Mr Clement Agba; Minister of State for Science and Technology, Barrister Mohammed Abdullahi; Chairman House Committee on Youth Development, Honourable Yemi Adaramodu; and Chairman House Committee on Sports, Hounarable Olumide Osoba attended the event and expressed their support for the New DEEL.

      Thanks to Sports247 for releasing this programme in full details.

      We advise the entire Indigenes of Ogbomoso(also Nigeria entirely) to be hopeful that we have a bright future!

      In God we trust!

    • How To Make Money in LAUTECH:

    Ladoke Akintola University of Technology(LAUTECH) in Ogbomoso is one of the most successful Universities in Nigeria Country. No doubt about the fact that many Students that “were not born with Silver Spoons in their mouths being successful during their learnings as the University Students. Below are few among plenty ways you can make money as a Student in LAUTECH University in Ogbomoso, Oyo State Nigeria.

    [1] Buy & Sell(KARAKATA): This type of business known as buying the most common items like Mobile Phones, Computer Laptops, Cars, Electronics, House Decorations, Matrass, Rug, etc. are very popular in LAUTECH University. In fact, the 1st set of Students that started this business idea became multimillionaires before they finally graduated as Students. As LAUTECH Students are well known for disbursing most of their Campus usages, especially at the end of any Semester. So, you can make used of this popular business and gain independent before you graduate in LAUTECH.

    [2]  Home Delivery Restaurant: Instead of dwelling your hard earned money in organizing the new restaurant in LAUTECH, why can’t you stand out by providing quality home delivery service within Campus environment. A particular secret Restaurant we will not mention its name is making millons of naira monthly, using this method. In fact, some of them are just running their cooking businesses in the Private Home and their loving Customers patronizing them more than the popular ones you known for years. Its market rising came alive from the largest percentage of the population enjoying sitting at home and be ordering for the quality meals of their choices. You can totally kill it positively by creating ordering APP/WEBSITE.


    [3] Project Copywriter: Many LAUTECH Students are making cool money from developing Projects for final year Students studying below their level of experiences in education of life. Some are also making their money weekly through LAZY STUDENTS usually devote their School assignments to the specialists engaged in this business aspect. So many serious/talented Students are doing this to survive in LAUTECH.

    [4] Computer Engineering: No matter how you are so talented in LAUTECH, you can never graduate without using Computer for various School assignments, that is why Computer Engr has become the real business in LAUTECH UNIVERSITY environment. Computer Engrs benefiting/achieving from solving so many problems affecting the Students’ Computers Laptops on a daily/weekly basis. A friend of mind operating at UNDER G in LAUTECH has totally changed his life story, through this business alone. Same Guy also TRADING Computer & Its Accesories from/among the hungry Students in the Campus. This is highly profitable business in LAUTECH, learn about this skill on a basic ways and you too will make it in LAUTECH.

    [5] Mobile/Phone Engineer: Can you do without Phone in your life? No, it can never possible! You must be connected in life, that is why Mobile Engrs are making real money in LAUTECH Campus where Students are using the most expensive Mobile Phones in the Mobile market. Same rules that apply to Computer Laptop Engrs also apply to Mobile Phone Experts. Make used of this tangible skill very quickly & apply it in LAUTECH Uni area, you too will become a multimillionaire soon.

    [6] Herbal Products Seller(JEDIJEDI): You might be wondering why we add this to the list here, don’t be surprised! Nowadays Students like drinking, taking all sorts of so sweety delicious meals that are so enjoyable in the human mouth, but their repercusions are so terrible in nature, that is why real herbal Experts selling the quality Products making real money not only in LAUTECH, but also across the Campuses in Nigeria Country. Nowaday Students have no time to go far in getting this relief, any real Experts getting nocked away their back pains or any other negative effects in these ranges will be selling for long & make millions within a short period of time. You do not need to be an old Woman before you can make real money off this area. Be like a sharp friend of mine! You can partner with real Experts in this field, become their Agent/Reseller and, before you know the actual stage you are, you have getting yourself involved in real ATM CASH MACHINE business.

    [7] Real ICT Expert/Coach: This seems as the best among others above. No doubt about the fact that, ICT is our real future, that is why 70% of the Graduated Students survived through the most popular ICT Programmes. The present generation of Students are seriously hungrying in acquired any tangible ICT(Information, Communications & Tcehnology) Skill(s) that will survive them in their futures. Employment rates are decreasing in Nigeria Country yearly, everybody knows! Top ICT Skills/Programmes like Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology, AI/Robotic Programmes, Quantum Computing, Machine Learning, Data Science, Mini Importation Business, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook Ad Skill, Stock Market, Real Estate Business, etc. are seriously dominate the internet. Just make sure that you acquire any of these skills from the real Expert and also become a Consultant in LAUTECH or any other Campus you are schooling. If you can strugle to get just 25 Students(20k each) learn from you each privately in any Semester, you earning would be 500k in total. I am very sure you can get more than that with 20k low charges per head, in a LAUTECH UNIVERSITY of about 35k minimum population. Is 500k not enough for you to develop/survive your life ahead, even, if you are not ready to work in any public/private Company? Just think about it!

    Visit Ogbomoso Website Office now at Yusfadmik Complex, No 27, Oke-Anu Junction, Ogbomoso. We will advice/guide/train you on any of the above skills that will survive you throughout your lifetime.

    Call 08032397406 0r 08137427016(WhatsApp) now to reach us very quickly and get the latest advices.

    More information will be added soon.

    God bless you! 



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