The entire configuration in this website was built and financed by less than 40-Year-Old Ogbomoso Indigene. He has no Car, no major Company, he is not even a Landlord, he encountered so many challenges during research, design, programming and configurations, etc. He went through nothing less than 2Million to level up 6 Years’ project in order to meet up World Class Web Standard for his City, Ogbomosoland, not to mention his accrued tangible loss during processing.

According to him, he plans to spend ₦5Million to broadcast this Website across the Globe in year 2016. What an Ambitious Ogbomoso Indigene! A Man of higher dreams and vision.

There is no more cash in his bank account to meet up this major plan for his City. You too can join him in his dream to achieve SUCCESS in this year 2016 Agenda. And, you will build your own reputation too in the land through included your name in our public alert/awareness.

The only way you can use to motivate this Young Man is to contribute to the progress of this Website. God bless you.