Whenever people are passing through Oke-Anu – Maryland riot, something big usually command their attention within Oke-Anu Junction. A lot of them usually enter a particular Complex just to know the actual Boutique behind the foreign styles usually display in a particular Complex closed to Oke-Anu Junction. Unless they enter that Oke-anu Complex they sometimes got to know that the uncommon styles displaying usually within that circle always made by an Expert Tailor.

This is totally unbelievable!

After Ogbomoso Website www.ogbomosoconnection.com did research, we got to know that this Real Expert Tailor has worked in Big Cities like Lagos, Ogbomoso Top Cities, etc. No wonder hardly you can find completed Tailor like her, having minimum of 200 Clients at a time, and, in most cases, she used to reject rushing clothes just to fulfill those already engaged in her hands.

Below are the few styles usually sew by this human:
Wedding Gown
Dinner Gown
Native Dresses
Casual Wears
Modeling Fitness, etc.

Are you just landed from abroad?

Maybe, you are a busy VIP(Very Important Person), Bankers or we do not even know your rank, but you are looking for the best tailor in Ogbomoso. Expert Tailor that has been supplying so many secret Boutiques for so many years?

Now, you have getting solution.

Just contact the information below and you will appreciate God for getting access to Ogbomoso Website Platform.

For more information and reservation please contact

Address: Yusfadmik Complex, No 16 & 17, Oke-Anu Junction, Along Maryland Drive, Ogbomoso North, Oyo State Nigeria.
Contacts: 08037483013, 08037712858.
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God bless you.